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Laser Hair Removal

Many people suffer from hair growth where they don't want it. Unwanted hair on the face or torso can make a woman feel self-conscious and less feminine. For other women, not having to shave her legs or underarms anymore or dealing with "the bikini razor bumps" every summer can be very motivating.

Excessive hair on a man such as on his neck, back or shoulders can create much embarrassment. Hair removal is one of the top five cosmetic treatments that men choose. Some men may appreciate hair reduction rather than complete removal, for instance in the beard area. A few treatments will make the hair growth in the beard area finer and silkier and reduce your chances of developing in-grown hairs making it easier to shave.

Over the course of five to six treatments, most of the hair in the selected area will get treated while in its growth phase to give you true, long-lasting reduction. Some people may need more treatments depending on their needs and amount of hair growth they initially started with at the beginning of the treatments.

The Soprano XL at SKINovative Laser Center is the only system on the market with Super Hair Removal (SHR) mode, the latest advance in hair removal technology. Regular laser hair removal uses high intensity single pulses of light to heat hair follicles, giving you that painful "rubber band snap." The Soprano XL SHR uses a moderate intensity multiple pulse system that is equally effective but results in almost painless hair removal. Using the unique In-Motion technology and a patented DualChill treatment tip, the Soprano XL can be used safely and effectively on patients with lighter or darker skin, including those with Latin, Middle Eastern, or African-American backgrounds virtually anyone. The sweeping motion also eliminates any skipped or missed spots common to other types of laser hair removal!

Come in to SKINovative Laser Center and let us discuss the benefits of laser hair removal specifically for you. Call or email us today! All consultations are free.

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